Lakewoods Village Oregon
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Lakewoods Village is conviently located near 6 beautiful mountain lakes. All lakes are great for boating, fishing, and unlimited exploration.

Lake of the Woods - 4 miles: Lake of the Woods offers a beautiful rustic restaurant, with excellent food. They also have an old-fashioned market and toy store that can’t be beat for old-time candy and toys. Live music is also a common occurrence at the lake. They also offer several boat rentals.  Please visit their website for more information and activities at this lake.

Howard Prairie Lake - 9 miles: Howard Prairie lake is a lovely open lake. This lake is a favorite among sail boaters, and many beautiful sailboats can be seen at this lake. This lake is excellent for fishing. Even just fishing off the dock can get you quite a few fish, and fishing is especially good for children.

Fish Lake - 13 miles: Fish Lake is great spot for fishing. They also have a lovely little café for when you get hungry. Boat rentals are available, and this is a great spot for hiking or mountain biking.

Hyatt Lake -15 miles: Hyatt lake has great scenery with good forest land and snow capped peaks in view most of the year. The area around Hyatt Lake is filled with deer, eagles, osprey and other wildlife, which can often be seen around the lake.

Willow Lake - 25 miles: Willow Lake, a wooded escape set at the base of Mt. McLoughlin, offers recreational activities that include hiking, swimming, fishing for trout, bass or crappie, camping and boating. With an expansive 927 acres, including 4.4 miles of lake frontage, the lake is located at an elevation of 3014 feet.

Fourmile Lake -13 miles: This is a beautiful lake next to Mount McLoughlin with a high elevation mixed conifer forest dominated by mountain hemlock, Douglas fir, white fir and Shasta red fir. Around the lake itself there are extensive stands of lodgepole pine. The lake is at 5744’ in elevation and is great for fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, and bird watching.

Crater Lake National Park - 61 miles: Crater Lake is a caldera lake and the main feature of Crater Lake National Park, a must see when coming to this part of Oregon. It is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity and was formed around 7.700 years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mt. Mazama. There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake.